Husband of Presley Heir Requesting $40K Monthly Spousal Support

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The husband of the only daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, is asking for $40,000 a month in spousal support.

Michael Lockwood, the soon to be ex-husband, and former musical director, has also requested that Lisa Marie pay $100,000 toward his legal fees for divorce.

Lockwood Says He Is Living “Below Poverty Line”

Ever since the couple separated in June 2016, 56-year-old Lockwood say that he has been living below the poverty line.

The couple share two children and were married for ten years prior to the divorce proceedings. Presley is now stating that Lockwood was abusive and that he is an “unsafe father” and needs to be monitored when around his children.

Lockwood states that his wife continues to live an “extremely affluent” and a comfortable lifestyle because of the money she inherited from her famous father. He also believes that she has earned additional income during the marriage.

The legal paperwork revealed that Lockwood did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement in 2005. But he had signed a post-nuptial agreement in 2007.

Spousal Support Can Be Temporary or Permanent

Depending on your unique situation, the spousal support or “alimony” you receive can be temporary or permanent.

  • Temporary Alimony: Temporary alimony is a payment is which granted on a regular basis to a spouse who earns less money than their spouse. It is temporary as it is intended to provide financial support to a lower-income earning spouse throughout the divorce process
  • Permanent Alimony: This is something which can be agreed upon by spouses or by the court. The court will consider the extent of each spouse’s earning capacity and will determine whether or not that spouse’s earning capacity is sufficient to maintain what was the marital standard of living

How much a spouse may need to pay for either type of alimony will boil down to a number of factors, including:

  • The marketable skills of the spouse being supported
  • The earning capacity of a spouse
  • How much the support of a spouse contributed to the paying spouse’s ability to retain gainful employment and pay alimony
  • The financial needs of both spouses

Figuring Out Spousal Support with Lavinsky Law

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