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  • She was very responsive and knew so much and aggressive. She put my mind at ease and relieved me of stress.. She won the case and got the order thrown out. Very knowledgeable and flexible… Great attorney would recommend anytime.

  • My family law matter was very complex with several issues. I was referred to Alexandra by a former client of hers. When I came to Alexandra I was was extremely stressed! I had sought help from two other Attorneys before coming to her. I stood to lose a lot if not represented by a good attorney. Let me just say that during my very first meeting with Alexandra, she had put my mind at complete ease. Alexandra took the time to listen. She asked me questions so that she could better  understand my particular situation. It was immediately obvious to me that she was forming a tactical approach toward a resolution as we conversed about my issues. I was in her office a little more than one hour before she had picked up her phone, made two calls and had managed to resolve three of the concerns I had in my case! Of course the remaining issues went before a Judge. Alexandra provided excellent, competent representation to me in court. She was aggressive and I must admit, very creative and even crafty in the way she handled my case. I couldn’t believe that with all of the issues I came to her with, she managed to achieve not only a very desirable outcome which was beneficial to all; but she did it having only appeared in court for two hearings. I’m sure that this was due in part to her exceptional negotiating skills which she exercised right away when contacting my ex-wife’s Attorney. I was amazed that I actually got a refund of the unused portion of the retainer I paid her. It wasn’t a whole lot mind you but, my point is, that she did not send me statements with ridiculous unnecessary charges in an attempt to keep my money. I fully expected to pay a little more than the initial retainer I had given her. This was not the case. Instead, I got a little of my hard earned money back. I’m sure this is not the “norm” for a client to receive a refund of an unused retainer; but this was the case with me. This just goes to show that Alexandra is an honest and caring Attorney who understands people and she exercises good business practices. To her credit, Alexandra really listened and she took whatever time was necessary to understand my situation and my needs. She is an extremely competent, knowledgeable and caring Attorney. She is aggressive when necessary. She was surprisingly accessible to me throughout the entire process. She took the time to return my phone calls when she was not immediately available to speak with me. She kept me informed every step of the way. What more can clients ask of their Attorney? Alexandra got the job done; all the while, keeping me at ease! I would highly recommend her to anyone without any reservation whatsoever! Thank you so very much Alexandra. :-)

    Anthony Family Client
  • Ms Lavinsky was very accommodating in arranging our first appointment, quick, easy and uncomplicated. Her approach to addressing the issue at hand is very straight forward, yet she gave us plenty of useful information, particularly as far as the legal angle is concerned – as to deciding on future steps to take. Our issues might require to deal with a county agency. She seems to be as knowledgeable about this particular agency as one could possibly hope for. If we will have to we would continue to stay with her office. Pleasant and reassuring. There would be no need to look for another attorney in her field if our case would necessitate it.

    Ximena a Child Custody client
  • Alexandra Lavinsky helped me out in every which way possible. She calmed me down and dealt with my legal situation in such a professional manner. She saved me from alot of grief and emotional stress and made things better immediately! She is my go to lawyer for everything, not only entertainment but for every specialty!

    Entertainment Client

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