Parental Rights

  • Establishing parentage
  • Disputing parentage
  • Requests for genetic (DNA) testing
  • Cases where parentage is presumed because the parents were married
  • Same-sex couple second parent adoption

It is critical to protect your children’s rights.

Establishing legal parentage ensures children’s access to legal rights and benefits including custody, visitation and support orders, as well as health insurance, inheritance rights, and social security.

Of course, being a parent comes with a lifetime of emotional and financial responsibilities. Either parent can dispute the parentage of a child or California law affords children of married or unmarried parents the same rights and benefits.

Whether you are seeking a paternity action to secure visitation rights, child support, or to dispute these responsibilities if you believe you are not the parent of a child, you need our strong legal advocacy and sensitive approach to protect your and the children’s rights.

Child Custody and Parental Rights

California family courts often times make an effort to let the divorced parents come to an agreement regarding a plan for child custody outside of court. If the parents are not able to come to an agreement privately the court will intervene and establish a child custody plan depending on multiple factors. In the case of child custody, family courts will always uphold the best interests of the child or children involved over the interests of the parents. This is the general consensus of the courts though there are many factors, which determine the best interest of the children involved. The California child custody laws consider the following:

  • The amount of contact and the nature of the relationship with both parents.
  • Any history of domestic violence with either parent.
  • Any history of frequent illegal drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Conviction of illegal activity or substance use in recent years.
  • The child’s age and physical/mental health.

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