10 good ideas to co-parent better and help your children adapt and cope: This week Final 7-10

10 good ideas to co-parent better and help your children adapt and cope:  This week Final 7-10

Parents forget how stressful custody exchanges are for the children, or they simply do not understand. Research shows that these exchanges create the most emotional chaos and distress for children. Parents forget that children love their parents regardless of marital status and that children suffer heartbreak for the first time, at a very early age, when their family is destroyed by divorce. It may be that the children do not have the emotional fortitude to deal with the duress and sadness.

When both parents have the child’s best interests at heart the result is a seamless and loving custody schedule.

Here are our final 7-10 tips on how parents can help ease the distress caused by custodial exchanges:

7.   Do not have custodial exchanges before school. Children must focus on school to have productive and happy experiences all of which will be ruined by custodial contention. Children should not experience this at all, but certainly not before school.
8.   When agreeing to a custody plan make it reasonable for the children and their needs and schedules. If a child requires a good night of sleep, do not have 9 pm exchanges.
9.   Do Not make custody schedules that require multiple exchanges throughout the day especially during holidays. When the children should be having fun and not focused or distracted by exchanges which only benefit the parents – let’s be real.
10.  Do not commit to a schedule you cannot keep. Often times parents agree to schedules that are unreasonable, for whatever reason. It is painful when a parent fails to show up or cancels last minute. Children have feelings and need nurture during the painful divorce process.

Thank you for reading these tips and we look forward to providing additional tips in the future…

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