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In some cases, a legal separation may suit the parties’ religious, practical, or emotional needs better than a divorce. In California, a legal separation does not end a couple’s marital status; however, a legal separation allows a couple who wants to live separate and apart decide on financial, parenting, and other issues.

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Why Do Couples Choose Legal Separation?

Though separation and divorce are similar, couples choose separation for some of the following reasons:

  • To allow the couple more time to decide if they wish to end their marriage. If a couple decides to reconcile after a divorce, they will likely have spent unnecessarily on court and attorney fees;
  • To preserve tax, insurance, military, and/or other benefits;
  • To provide independent lives to couples who are religiously opposed to divorce;
  • To decide on financial, parenting, and other issues before the couple meets the six-month California and county residency requirement.

California is one of many states that offer couples the option to file for a legal separation instead of a divorce when they no longer wish to continue their legal union. A legal separation is sometimes preferred for practical, religious, or moral reasons.

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